How To Write A Case Study. (Update 2019)

Publication of case studies is included in the list of the most effective marketing tactics in B2B sphere. It is not surprising since such content is valued for describing the real experience of successful use of the product and acts as a social proof.

Therefore, if you don't have enough facts, you should wait for better times. Otherwise, the reader will not believe your story about an abstract client who achieved “generally high results” with your help. Of course, you can invent the rest of the story, but if you get caught, it will be difficult to restore the trust of the audience.
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What is a case study?

Your case study should be useful and describe a solution to the widespread problem rather than a highly specialized case. That’s not the type of content people read “just so”. Potential customer “tries on” the situation described. However, the readers may be interested in the well-written cases about that talk about the solution of non-standard problems and rare cases.

Case study is a way to demonstrate through real examples how one or another company works. It shows the successful implementation of certain task and demonstrates the key factors of work and further prospects. As a result, the clients get rid of their fears and become confident in the successful completion of their own projects.

Case study shows all the advantages of the project, but at the same time doesn’t hide errors in the work. You should explain their causes, as well as the way of solution and addressing of such negative imprints in the company’s work. In this case, even the recognition of mistakes will play in your favor.

It is important to understand the goals of writing case study:

  • to draw attention to your product and show it in action;
  • to show that the product really works using real case examples;

  • to demonstrate what can be accomplished with its help;
to convince the reader with a similar problem that he/she will be able to solve it with your help;

  • to emphasize your competitive advantage so that the customer chooses your over your competitors.

Keep that in mind, and you'll find it easy to choose the name, write the key messages and create the structure of the text.

Case studies don’t have to contain the digits in the conclusions. Often, the customer challenges the performer to adjust the working processes or introduce something new. Such experience is not less valuable. Therefore, if you don’t have quantitative results of the work with clients, it is not a reason to give up on working with materials.

Use case study methods in marketing and advertisement

Potential customers have more trust in real cases allowing to assess the level of professionalism of employees and understand the features of building strategies in project implementation, reasonableness of the product or service value.

The task of case study in advertising is to show a service or product in action, provide convincing responses to all objections of the potential client and persuade him/her to buy the company products. Case is used for more effective promotion of the website, any service or product.

Goals of case studying:

To present the material that will show the clients the whole process and volume of works to deal with the problem.

To prove the customers that the company has a sufficient positive experience in the achievement of objectives.

To show the effectiveness of decisions made by the company.

Besides, case study description has another task. It gives you an opportunity to analyze the work of your company and realize what helps you to achieve the goal, and what prevents it.

How to make the case study research

You should analyze the whole work, primarily using the statistics and evaluating the end result.

Evaluate the processes. Determine which of them are successful, and which are not.
Pay attention to the coherence of the team.
Answer the question:
“Are the costs for achieving the goal justified?”
Case analysis will help you understand what mistakes have been made. You will realize how to avoid them in future.

How to do a case study

Successful cases are selling cases. In their development, you need to remember 10 rules.

Write a bright and catchy heading. They can be of two types:

heading-problem: How to make a repair in your apartment quickly and easily?

heading-result: Dream apartment for 30 days!

Use an interesting story of your client as a basis. Tell us about his/her problem and the way you handled it.

Accompany the text with visual information — tables, charts and schemes. Show your services or products in a favorable light.

Write in a language accessible to the target audience. Exclude the incomprehensible terms and professionalisms. Use simple and readable sentences.

Compare the situation before and after. Show some nuances of overcoming difficulties and successful completion of the project. High-quality presentation is just as important as the figure.

Add the feedback from customers and staff.

Cases can tell much about your company. They enhance the credibility and attract the customers.

Many people are asking themselves: how to make a proper case? Case is a non-standard task. Therefore, you don’t have to adhere to strict regulations in its presentation. In other words, arrangement of case is not such a serious task as writing a course work or thesis.

However, you still need to follow the general recommendations. Below is a tentative plan for writing a case. I'll tell you straight away that depending on the type of task, this plan can and should change.

Main components of the case study:

Heading. It is important that heading reflects the essence of the case and gives an idea of the situation, which will be considered further.

Description of the situation. It's like a section “Given” in a physics problem. To facilitate the perception of information, you can divide the situation into the paragraphs.

Search for solutions. Detailed description, analysis of case solutions and choice of optimal solution to the situation. Here you should consider all possible options indicating the foreseeable consequences.

Description of the result. That paragraph describes the result of action to address the problem: what was, what had become and why.

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